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Jackxs <3 My blogs will be random but with meaning and passion. Pass on the love and be the better person.

I'm really not that anti-social, many just do not follow me nor interact with me.Even though I'm total fine with it.

From my tumblr , it is very mixed and odd ;that's how I like it. I'm very geeky. If you want to chat me up that's fine with me. (I'm very cautious though so when you send request remember to tell me your tumblr name or else I'll be very confused)

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in case you needed a reminder that humans are incredible and terrifying


my jaw was basically on the floor the entire time


I made some cute instagram inspired pics! Nintendo Instagram pics? Ninstagram pics? But this is mostly Link, so…Linkstagram?


I made some cute instagram inspired pics! Nintendo Instagram pics? Ninstagram pics? But this is mostly Link, so…Linkstagram?


We see a lot of interesting games at Alpha Beta Gamer, but Gorogoa is 15 minutes of the most unique, innovative and intelligent gameplay we’ve experienced this year.

Gameplay is spilt across four beautifully illustrated and animated panels that helped win it the IGF Excellence in Visual Arts Award.  These four panels can be moved around, zoomed in and out of and placed on top of each other to solve puzzles, allowing your character to continue his journey through the beautifully crafted world.  As you progress, the panels interact with each other in a variety of surprising and delightful ways, allowing for plenty of ‘wow that’s clever’ moments.

Gorogoa is targeted for release late in 2014 for PC & Mac, then subsequently mobile platforms.  With it’s beautiful animation (the GIFs above don’t do it justice), intelligent design and unique gameplay it’s bound to win more awards when it’s released.  Personally, it’s already my GOTY.  Highly Recommended.

Download the Alpha Demo, Free


fucking Masaaki Yuasa storyboarded and directed an episode of Adventure Time I’m going to fall over.

They played this at the wondercon adventure time panel. <3 so cute






I was just given information to spread around about a group of guys drugging female cosplayers in order to take advantage of them. They call themselves the GROPECREW. Please warn and spread this around! The user can be found here.

And let me make something clear… even if this IS someone trolling, I would rather make this dick-bag famous for being a twisted piece of shit than chance someone being attacked.


Found this post on Facebook, and thought it would be best to pass it around here.

Oi, see any fuckers like this guy at a con, fuck his shit up.

Fucking seriously? I’m an enforcer at PAXAus next month, I’ll definitely be finding a way to let the organisers know that this shit is spreading on the internet, if they don’t know already. And I too will be fucking up anyone doing shit like this.

Dickbag alert. pass it along.

Passing this along for any of my friends going to any up-coming cons!